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About Us

We are people.  A collection of stories, beliefs, thoughts and hopes.  We strive for a greater sense of connection, understanding and meaning.  Our group doesn't care about what color your skin is, we care about how deeply you have lived life and what your story has been like in that skin.  We care about your personal meaning, your dreams and what your life has been and can be.  We care about the reasons you get up in the morning, and if you find yourself unable to get up in the morning, that's when we care the most about you.  

We are a group of multicultural, multifaceted supporters of your life.  We speak different languages, believe in something bigger and love using the whole box of canyons.  

Our group was built because people believed in doing something truly transformational, challenging the ideas people had about therapy and giving hope to those living with being different or wanting different.  It was about taking an honest look at our own stigmas, opening our minds and making a profound change. 


We've incorporated innovative therapy techniques that allow us to study and learn about how we can improve treatments. By integrating these treatments into your daily life, we've created a platform to help you help yourself.


We educate communities, agencies and families.  We strive for the best care and provide services outside of any typical therapist office.  Perhaps, most importantly, we provide you with a sense of what you need to feel good.  That's because we don't provide care for just a "patient"- we provide care for our family, you.


We offer a variety of supportive services with expert clinicians and people willing to help


This is your journey. This is your life.  Meaning doesn't have to come from the inside of a fortune cookie.  It comes from an understanding of who you are and what you want.  What moves you?  What brings you joy?  What will support the things you want in your life?  Come find out.

Expert Witness

Our team has a special ability to engage in a variety of services.  We have served in the role of expert witnesses on a number of occasions.  We can support your argument, offer thoughts and critical thinking to any case.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological testing offers a view into parts of your brain and personality that perhaps you never knew were there.  If offers a glimpse into something concrete, objective and unique.  It provides answers and gives you a sense of real meaning into who you are.

Wraparound Services

The thought that therapy only exists in the warm confound of the office is not true.  We can come to you.  Your life isn't necessarily in a corner office and our work doesn't have to be either.  We can support you in a variety of settings and give you the care you need, where you need it.


Our group of clinicians are experts in the field.  We regularly meet with families, hospitals, doctors and others to support treatment, offer ideas, and advocate for how to approach any problem.  We can review treatment plans, offer suggestions and consult on any case.

Trainings and Seminars

We have conducted hundreds of trainings and seminars.  We offer engaging topics, thoughtful courses, certifications, and training on a variety of interesting subjects and for varying audiences.  

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